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Why exercise should be your stress relief

I know, you're looking at the title of this article thinking to yourself, "I already have a relief, and his name is Henny!" I'm here to tell you that there are so many benefits to having the gym as your go to stress reliever after a long day. Whether you've been working too many hours or studying way too hard, it's time to leave it all at the gym.

Benefits of exercise being your stress reliever 

  1. Exercise releases endorphins which helps to elevate your mood.
  2. Practicing meditation can help shift your focus from your daily worries and alleviate stress.
  3. Improves your sleep and creates healthy habits.
  4. Exercising in groups helps to promote commitment and will also help to take your mind off of things that are causing you to stress.
  5. Working out can improve your physical health which will in turn increase your self-esteem levels and quit unhealthy habits.

Exercise is a great stress reliever no matter where you are! 

Let's face it, exercise calms you and helps to increase your mood. There is no reason why you shouldn't replace it as your go to method for clearing your mind. It's a great tool to use in your stress management plan and can provide so many more benefits than what's listed above. Below I can share how exercise had had a major influence on my life. 

True Story

A few years ago I was working a full time job while attending graduate school full-time. The stress was real! I was so unhappy because I was always worried about work and school. I looked to eating and drinking for support but it only gave me a temporary high. At then end of the day once the buzz wore off I was back in my original state, depressed, stress and overworked. At the end of my term I started running and going to zumba classes at my local gym. It helped me in so many ways because it allowed me to brush my shoulders off and leave my problems at the gym. Exercising allowed me to see that I was capable of so much and if I spread out my time wisely throughout the week that I could make it apart of my daily routine. Now exercise is an essentail part of my life that I don't go a week without. 

Just a Reminder...

Exercise doesn't have to be a chore. It can really shape you and put you in the best mental and physical health of your life. A gym is not necessary for exercise, you can do it from the comfort of your home. Just remember, walk before you run! Start small and work your way up into more rigorous workout routines. The simplest things such as meditation & yoga are great exercises to practice that will have a huge impact on your stress relief.  

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