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My Hair Growth Journey

Hair Stress!

If you're like me then you struggle constantly with your hair. You've tried the YouTube tutorials, the wash and gos, the twist outs yet nothing seems to work! It's frustrating right? I know it's frustrating for me. As to why I've decided to try something new this year with my hair, grow dreads! 

My Hair Journey

So when I was a beautiful young child my mother started me off in this world perming my hair. It was great and easy to handle for me until I reached my Freshman year of college and my hair started to thin out. I didn't understand why and I was tired of figuring out styles or getting sew-ins so I decided to go natural. Going natural was great for me. I obtained a new curl pattern for my hair and my thickness came back. Though I was happy with my natural results the manipulation of the many hairstyles I'd do were constantly breaking my hair off. So I'd constantly have hair growth but a lot was breaking off. Seven years later of doing the natural wave I've finally decided to grow DREADLOCKS! 

Yes, I said it! DREADLOCKS! I'm over the thousands of dollars we spend at the hair dressers and refuse to pay for any more weave! I WILL NOT LOSE ANYMORE STRANDS OF HAIR! I rebuke thee! I am ready to really get in tune with myself and my hair and allow it to not get anymore stress from combs, heat, manipulation or products. 

Be Different!

The reason for this journey is that I'm ready to change for 2017 and I hope that I can inspire you to do something different and new as well. Not just something trendy but something that increases your overall health and wellness. Do something for the better for you for once. That's really what I want for myself this year as I start to change so many things in my life, starting with my hair.

I'd love for you to watch my video below of me and my finance's hair journey as we start and grow out our locs. 

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