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How Water Changed my Life!

My Journey with Water

Water has been a huge part of my life within the last year and a half. I want to share my journey with you guys and really detail the benefits of drinking water and the right types of water to drink on a daily basis.

In the Beginning....

Let me tell you guys, I was never a big water drinker. It'd be a good day if I drank a bottle of water. I filled my system with green teas, root beers and apple juice, I LOVED apple juice! The result of all these sugary drinks were an uneven skin tone, a constant broken out face and never enough energy to complete my day. I never even realized that it was what I was consuming that had such a negative impact on my outer appearance. Something had to change!

My Turning Point

I moved to California and really got more in tune with my health and fitness. I changed my eating habits and started to work out more. The hustle and bustle of living in Cali just urged me to be more fit and live a more natural, healthy lifestyle. What really made me start to drink more water was seeing how dirty the water coming out of my faucet was. It had small white particles in it and you could really see it when you boiled the water. That's when I started researching different types of water and what you should drink.

Now I didn't just jump fully in and went from one bottle to eight bottles a day. I slowly got into drinking more and more water as time passed. I started counting the ounces of water that I drank a day to make sure I was getting my proper servings. Within a few months I was able to drink eight cups of water a day (the recommended servings). I'm proud to say now that I cut all the sugary drinks and am heavily in the gym, I am now up to 12-16 cups a day (almost a gallon).

Healthiest Water Types

From my research I saw that Spring water and Alkaline water were the healthiest types of water to drink. Though I saw the dangers of drinking bottled waters from contamination to pollutants and harmful chemicals in water, I wanted to be extra careful with what I was consuming. In due time I started seeing the benefits of leaving the carbonated drinks alone and living a more water filled life!

The Benefits of Drinking Water


I am a living witness that water has changed my life for the good! My personal benefits that I've seen by increasing my water intake are low to no facial breakouts, a clean system, more energy, little to no cramps, brighter looking skin and easily being able to shed off unwanted fat. Water can also

  • flush out toxins
  • relieve headaches and fatigue
  • maintain regularity
  • prevent sprains
  • makes you happier
  • save you money

Last Thoughts.....

If I didn't persuade you enough already what water can do for you, I challenge you to start drinking eight cups of water a day. Once you get to eight, see if you can double that amount and get to a gallon of water a day. You will see some if not all of the benefits that I listed above and weight loss will be a thing of the past as it'll be so much easier to keep your system crystal clean. Comment below and let me know what you guys think of drinking more water. I'd love to hear how water has changed your lives and your journey thus far.

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