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Healthy Facial Products

Natural Soaps for Healthy Skin 

Here at Get Out Your Zone we promote health and fitness like no other. Not only in the products that we sell but also in the content we provide. Today we wanted to share one of our favorite natural soap brands, Herb'N Eden.  

Who is Herb'N Eden?

Herb'N Eden is a holistic skincare company that specializes in handmade soap bars. Their natural soap bars promotes healthy skin and lifestyle. Their products range from activated charcoal bars to cocoa butter & cacao. They have both women and men soap products and have various bundles that you can purchase to save on costs. Their products are made from natural ingredients such as coconut oil, aloe vera and the finest herbs, that allow you to maintain beautiful and healthy skin.

What do they offer?

Herb'N Eden soaps are 100% natural and even vegan. They're great for sensitive skin and acts as a medicine to really get deep into your pores and heal your skin. There are no fragrance oils added to the soaps so the consumer doesn't have to worry about any harm done to their skin. This company really cares about creating healthy products to provide a better way to clean your skin, without all the harmful ingredients. They put time and quality into each soap bar made to accommodate each and every one of their customers. I am a huge fan of Herb'N Eden and wouldn't suggest any other soap brand to use on a daily basis. Below is a product review I did on the soaps so you can check that out below. 

Check out our product review video below!

Also, don't forget to check out the site and grab you a few soap bars! Link is below!!!

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