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Eating Healthy is Far More Important than the Gym Alone

Food over Gym

I know a lot of you guys are looking at the title of this blog saying to yourself, "I thought you just told us to go to the gym as a stress reliever." While yes I did and you can find that article here, I do want to share why your diet should be your #1 priority on a daily basis over any type of exercise or workout plan you have in place. I'm not saying only to focus on your diet and skip the gym either, I just want to express how important of a contribution a healthy diet can have with your gym progress and goals.

The WHY of Eating Healthy

It is stated that 70% of abs are made in the kitchen. That means no matter how many crunches and sit-ups you do if you're not eating right then your workouts will be ineffective. Have you ever had that annoying pudge or bulge on your stomach that just won't go away? That's probably because of that burger or pizza that you continue to eat throughout the day in between workouts. Sometimes the foods you eat have a negative impact on your outer appearance, more than you think. For instance, bread is not always our best friend. Yes, it's very fulfilling and makes the perfect pair for a burger or sandwich but it doesn't contain the necessary nutrients we need depending on the type you eat. Bread is high in carbs, contains excess gluten and low in nutrients. Also bread has a tendency of sticking around so the next time you see that pudge on your stomach, make sure you look at some better choices or replacements such as whole wheat over white bread or substituting lettuce for bread. I hope I haven't turned you against bread, I just want my readers to know that there are always healthier options to choose that will work great with your diet.

Foods to Avoid

foods to avoid

There are three contents that you want to try to avoid when you're reading the ingredients label on the back of your food packages. These contents are very easy to remember because they all start with S.

  • Sugar
  • Sodium
  • Saturated Fat

These ingredients are found mostly in foods such as chips, crackers, processed-snacks, and sodas. If you do consume foods with these ingredients I would suggest keeping it down to a minimum so that you can quickly reach your health & fitness goals and not gain excess fat or unnecessary carbs. 

Benefits of a Healthy Diet

Good nutrition habits help you live a healthier lifestyle. A healthy diet can help you maintain a healthy weight, reduces risk to disease and promotes your overall health. It's important to eat healthy so that you can train your body to eat the right nutrients so that as you get older you will carry those healthy habits with you. My best suggestion to you would be to start making daily small changes to a healthier diet. If you don't think you can cut out the snacks, carbs and sugars then start taking off unhealthy foods one by one. I started replacing soda with water and from there it made it easier for me to tackle each unhealthy food and replace it with a healthier option, such as fruit over candy and vegetables over chips and snacks.

True Story

While I was in graduate school I developed very unhealthy eating habits. I was working full-time so the stress load of school and work easily got to me. I was eating after midnight and always going to pick up food from the closest fast food establishment. I slowly saw my weight change from 130 lbs to 160 lbs in a two year span. In the end I wasn't happy with how far down the wrong road I had reached. I was still working out from time to time but my philly cheesesteaks and fried chicken sandwiches had an adverse effect on the goals I was trying to reach. I slowly replaced my unhealthy eating habits with healthier options and stopped eating after midnight. This had a huge impact on my diet. Not only did I start to lose the unnecessary weight but my skin also started to get clearer and more youthful looking. I was full of energy on a daily basis and never felt as if I was over eating or laggy after a meal. Changing my diet has worked out for the good and now my goal is to share these benefits with others so that they know how important a healthy diet is and the benefits it creates.

 Last Recall

Trust me when I say that I know eating healthy isn't the easiest of options. Especially when it takes less than 5 minutes to order a full course meal from your local McDonalds with little work. But the benefits of eating healthy will far surpass that 15 minutes of satisfaction you'll get from that Big Mac meal. Not only will eating healthy allow you to look and feel good, but it will also save you in the future when you start to become invincible to health issues and disease. All in all, eating healthy has a very positive affect on your life. It allows you to regulate your weight, enhance your mood, increase your productivity, be healthier and live longer. I love posting healthy meal options for my readers to try so check out my latest article on my favorite meals of the week and please comment below on your suggestions or opinions on living a healthier lifestyle.

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